October 15, 2019

When Do Babies Start Walking on Average

One of the most exciting times for me in my son’s first year was when he began to take his first steps. I can remember him now holding of for dear life as he made his way gingerly round out sofa, but at the same time he was so happy with himself. A baby’s first steps is a big milestone in their development, when the milestone happens is purely on the baby. My son was around about 10-11 months when he first started moving around the sofa and about 12-13 months before he was racing around everywhere. He still bumps into stuff and becomes very unstable when he’s tired at 16 months, but his balance is now at a point where he can fly around without assistance from a walker, me or my partner.

One of the things we found with our son was he became really good and quick to pull himself up in the early stages of learning to walk, but then became really uncertain on how to sit back down again. We always made sure that we helped him back down just by holding his hand and supporting his bottom so he didn’t go down too hard. There would be several times where he would cry out for us to help him but we were advised not to pick him up and plonk him on his bottom but to show him how to bend his knees and sit back on the floor in a controlled fashion. Soon enough after a week or two he was able to bend his knees and sit down without going down to hard on his bottom, again this is an achievement as well so we made sure we clapped and said well done.

When our son first started taking his first steps, we went out and purchased a little walker to help him balance himself and it kept his frustration under control because with the aid of the walker he was able to still get to places. There were a few times where he would try to take his hands off and try going solo but after a few steps he would come back to earth with a thud, this is part and parcel of their development I guess.

After our son’s first birthday, we ended up having 2 walkers in our flat one ended up going to his nan’s as he spends most of the week with his grandparents due to the fact my partner and I both work full time during the week, anyway one of the walkers he received as a birthday gift is really awesome it’s made by V-Tec and goes by the name of “VTech Push and Ride Alphabet Train“.

We found that this was our son’s favorite toy, not only does it act as a really cool walker it can help with learning too. The trailer detaches from it so this allows a toddler the ability to use it as a walker, or if you attach the trailer this will act as a seat. Our son now sits on it a scoots himself along. As I mentioned the VTech Baby Push and Ride Alphabet Train can help with learning, it comes with alphabet blocks and a book which is attached to the train, I recommend watching the video to find out more. I can honestly say this, along with his other walker was a real help to get him walking around. I would recommend getting a walker, it doesn’t matter what type, but just a walker of some sort to grow their confidence.

Once they start being independent and confident with walking there really is no stopping them. Our son now prefers to walk pretty much anywhere and now being almost 17 months old he’s strolls around collecting his own toys he wishes to play with and it’s his first early stage of some independence and also a sign that he’s is not a little baby anymore (But as I’ve said in a previous post he will be my little baby even at my age (31)). This milestone is one I will never forget it brought a massive smile to my face, again I wasn’t there to experience it but seeing the great joy it brought to my son’s face will be engraved in my brain for the rest of my life. I’ve become a firm believer that you have to cherish all these amazing moments through your babies development making sure you embrace them and share the excitement they experience because they are learning something new.

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