October 15, 2019


baby proofing corners

When you have a new member in the family suddenly various circumstances change. You have to be much careful with the new toddler around the house. Even if your baby has grown up to 10 years you still need to childproof your house to avoid any mishaps or injuries. Children have their hands on everything they find so it has become necessary for a parent to get childproofing products as soon as possible. You can purchase these products to make your home a safer place for the kids.

Ten Childproofing Products to Protect your Child

1. Adjustable gates 
There is a lot of crawling when your kid finally has the ability to move his/ her legs and this is exactly when you need something to keep them off the stairs. Especially when you are working and you can’t keep an eye on them. Try the Regalo Easy Step Walkthrough Gate, it is adjustable and easy to install. It can be used in doorways and staircases. The lever style handle and safety lock offer much more security.

2. Corner Covers
These covers have become essential for parents because a lot of furniture around the house has sharp edges and corners. They need to purchase Roving Cove® 15ft Edge + 4 Corners EXTRA PURE, EXTRA DENSE, EXTRA LONG “Safe Edge™ and Corner Cushion”, they are extra long premium L shaped edge covers. They are eco-friendly and absorb any kind of impact to protect your child.

3. Cabinet Lock System
You often see kids poking and trying to get inside cabinets or try getting containers out of them. So, to avoid this from happening, a good lock system is very important. Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System, 1 Key and 8 Locks, this system only unlocks with a powerful magnetic key and fits into every drawer or cabinet.

4. Finger and hand guard
Children get their hands and fingers in the doors very often and this can lead to harmful injuries. To stop this from happening to get a Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard, 2 Count. It is soft and flexible foam that creates space between the door and the lock. It is an easy to fit and needs no mechanical tools.

5. Stove knob cover
Burner knobs need to be covered with something inflammable and hard so that kids don’t turn on the gas. This is another very important childproofing product as fire is severely harmful. Kids need to stay out of reach from this. Safety 1st 5 Count Stove Knob Covers need no drilling and are based on the universal design.

6. Socket cover
Plugs and sockets need to be fixed and covered because kids love to put their small fingers in them. Electricity can be dangerous so get Safety 1st Adapter and Plug Cover as it is child resistant and relatively easy to install.

7. Furniture strap
Big furniture’s and bookshelves in your house need to be contained in one space because there are chances that they might fall. Installing Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps in your rooms will leave the hassles of moving things around the house to keep your child away from them. They are easy to place and secure everything for the first time and you don’t have to redo it again and again.

8. Toilet Lock
Before your toddler is toilet trained you need to keep a constant check on them so that they don’t go to the bathroom themselves. The one thing you are concerned about is the toilet so you need to place Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock. This will make your life very convenient. It is resistant to germs and relocks itself once the lid is shut.

9. Bath water temp guard
Nowadays, you can find some of the most adorable temp guards in various animal shapes. You just have to keep them in the water and they contain a strip that changes color according to the temperature of the water. So, you know that the water is bearable for your child. Kids can also use them as a toy during their bath.

10. Faucet and tap covers
When kids are taking their shower they need to stay safe and away from taps as head injuries are quite possible from them. Parents can put covers on them that come in various cartoon characters and figures. It is made of rubber and kids can’t pull it out themselves.

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