October 15, 2019


When you have a new family member coming in your house there is a big celebration needed. The mother needs some pampering and gifts from relatives and friends to share the joy of a new baby. This trend of throwing baby showers is cultivating quickly in various countries of the world and everybody seems to love it. It is hosted by a close friend or group of friends who manage everything for the baby themed party. It has all kinds of entertainment that a social event would have. You can enjoy the food, family rituals, gift giving, music, dancing and who can forget those cute little games planned specially for the gathering. People like to have fun specially the mothers, before they get into responsibilities. Just make sure to get small prizes in stock to give your guests a little something when they win the games.

Catch the one who says baby

    • As your guests arrive and you greet them, you have to tell them not to say the word baby. It is ironic because you are in a baby shower and this word will appear a thousand times instantly. Give them diaper pins to wear on their shirts or dresses. The one who says baby will have to put down the diaper pin. In the end the one who still has the diaper pin attached to their shirt will win a prize.

Guess the baby in the picture
Ask your guests to bring a photo from their childhood with them. You can set up a board and pin those snaps on them. Then you can ask everyone to give a try to guess of who is the baby in the picture. Adults actually love doing this because who wants to give up on those cherished moments of the past. You can have a great time laughing and enjoying this game.

Draw the baby with your imagination
This is going to be hard for people with poor drawing skills but guests do love it. All you have to do is ask your people to imagine how the baby would look, when he arrives and draw it on a sheet of paper. You are going to be amazed at what results you would get. This game is hilarious and you might even keep some sketches to compare it later with the real baby.

Experiencing baby duties
What is the one thing that people run from doing? Well, it is changing diapers. Get a plastic baby doll and hand out diapers to everyone. Set a time limit and see who gets the diaper on before everybody else. Choose a winner and treat them with a nice gift. Some of your guests might not be mothers yet and they will have the time of their life while playing this.

Pin the baby on the picture
As kids we used to love the game, pin the tail on the donkey. Well, this is something similar to that. Pick out a poster picture of the mom-to-be and paste it on the wall. Get another picture of a baby and hand it over to the blind folded contestant. The one who places the picture of the baby on the belly of the mother will eventually win.

These games are going to be a lot of fun. Try them out to make your baby shower a memorable one.

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