October 15, 2019


After you hear the good news of becoming a mother you instantly start planning for the needs of your baby. One of the most essential changes you need in your life after having a child is making the surroundings safe for him/ her because there might be hazardous risks in your home for small kids. You should give your child premises where he/she can not only be safe but can also play around to retain growth and development in young years. Children take their falls and crawl around corners to explore anything that attracts them so it is necessary for you to apply easy techniques that will make your supervision minimum and there will be a lesser tendency of accidents happening.

General Childproofing Tips

If we talk about general childproofing tips then the first thing that comes to a parents mind are the sockets and wires. What you need to do is replace any worn out or long wires with shorter and new ones and place them some place higher. So, that your toddler doesn’t trip or pull on them and always close all electrical appliances connected to the sockets. If you have a heater or fireplace make sure it has a grill cover and is fixed into the wall because it is much safer. People often have pools or decorative ponds, so they need to have a self-lock door for that area or you should at least have higher boundaries to that place. Balconies are a place of concern because kids love leaning over and looking at what is at the back of it. Install some strong guardrails that do not have horizontal fence bars or footholds, flat solid walls are always a better option. If your room has a lot of large spacious windows make sure you look them out so that your child never goes through them as they it is highly insecure.

Moreover, you should also be concerned and careful with the sharp tools used in your house. Never let them open on the floor, always have a toolbox with you or higher space to keep your toolbox away from your kids reach. When you are bringing in new furniture to build a nursery for your kid try to get things with blunt corners that aren’t sharp and if your budget allows you why don’t you replace a few of the furniture that might be dangerous if your toddler bumps into it. Bathroom areas should be supervised before your kid is toilet trained, the medicine cabinets should have locks and all chemicals and detergents should be kept in higher cabinets. You could always put child-resistant locks to avoid your child from entering it. Use rugs rather than installing shiny or slippery floors and always be careful with stuff made up of glass and has the tendency to break. Plastic utensils or materials can be a huge help with this.


However, prevention is always better than cure but always keep yourself alert for your child’s safety and if God forbid a mishap happens you should have an emergency number put up on your fridge or a first aid kit secured someplace near.


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