October 15, 2019


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For my first blog post I thought I would go back to the beginning. As molly is two now I am well past the new born stage (oh how I miss how tiny and cute she was) but, looking back the first few months are probably the hardest. First of all, as new moms, we get zero sleep. Our babies are getting up every one to two hours at this point to eat, we’re probably so sleep deprived at this point that we could be classified clinically insane. Then, of course, the simple fact that we just have no idea what we are doing, we’re questioning every move we make, and every move we don’t make. Then there is post-pardum depression and anxiety that some of us deal with. And, lest we forget newborn babies are needy little things with the crying, pooping, eating and sleeping every hour. It’s hard not to feel more like a never-ending assembly line than a mommy. Then just when we start to get into a system and are feeling good about our mommy abilities…colic.

For those of you new mommies who have not yet experienced infant colic I’ll sum it up for you. Between 2weeks and 3 months it is very common for babies to go through a colicky stage. They will cry for 3 hours a day or more and for up to 3 weeks. For no particular reason, though they believe it has something to do with their little bellies and new digestion, there is no sure answer. For little Molly it lasted one week, she cried every day for 6 hours a day, for a whole week. Now, it may not seem like a long time, it’s just a week right? Wrong. When you have a colicky baby it’s exhausting and can feel like it will never end.

The unfortunate part is we probably all have to go through this at some point with your new little baby but, here are some tips that helped me cope with colic.

  1. Sing. This may sound a little weird but, when you’re holding your baby walking back and forth for hours hearing nothing but crying it can turn you into a nervous wreck. Distracting your self is a good way to keep calm. For a week I was a pop star in my living room. Plus it can be comforting and distracting to your little one too.
  2. Gripe water. You can buy it at any pharmacy. Some people use it, some people don’t. I swear by it. My mom used it, my grandma used it, its natural, it’s the oldest trick in the book and I swear it helps!
  3. Baby exercises. You want to get their little bellies moving, so try laying them down and gently pushing their knees towards their stomach. This can help with gas if that is what is bugging them.
  4. Get moving. For some reason Molly hated to sit or lay down when she was colicky. Walk back and forth, swing them side to side in your arms, or gently bounce them. Whatever works for you, they seem to like motion.
  5. Take a break. This one is important, we need to remember that if we are stressed they are going to feed off of us. If you’re feeling on edge with nerves put your little one somewhere safe, whether it be a baby swing or a crib, take 15 minutes to refresh and get back at it
  6. Breath. Make sure your taking some good deep breaths and remember, though it may not feel like it, this stage does end!

I hope some of these tips help you cope with colic. What are some of your tips for getting through the colicky baby stage?

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