October 15, 2019


Most of us are surprised to see the youngest child in our family, using an iPad with far more ease than the eldest. With the ease of use in touch screens and availability of computers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles in most homes, your children (and you) are spending more and more time with these technologies.

But with the growing popularity of these technologies, risks have also increased for our children. According to a recent survey by BBC learning, reported that approximately 57% of kids from 2000 that were questioned admitted to doing something risky or inappropriate on the internet. Children present additional challenges over the internet because of their innocent personality, curiosity, and their desire for independence.

Here are some tips to help your children enjoy the internet and the technologies without being vulnerable to predators and cyber threats:

Internet Practices for Parents

Online games:

If your children play online games, then make sure you check the age rating on each game. Also, be aware of the other players they are gaming with and talk to them about which information is ok to be shared with them.


If your kids enjoy watching videos, then set restrictions that ban your child from viewing mature content. Most video sharing websites allow you to select the settings for age appropriate material that would limit your child away from content that you won’t approve or that which might disturb them.


Ads also appear at the beginning of videos and middle of games which are sometimes inappropriate for young viewers. Show your child how to avoid them or click it off. Consider paying a few extra dollars for ad-free version of games for your tablets and smartphones to keep your children away from unapproved content.
Set rules for the usage of the internet:
You, as parents can set how much time your children are allowed to be on the internet daily. You can even make a list of websites they are allowed to visit and post it next to the computer.

Be involved:

Know what your child is doing online by exploring the internet together. Just like you spend time with your children in the park or doing homework, consider playing games or researching a specific topic together.

Monitor your child:

Check the internet’s history to see which websites were visited by your children. You can also customize your search engines (for free) to restrict sites with illegal/sexual content.
Parental controls can also be set within your browser. For example, with internet explorer, you can restrict certain websites by controlling them with a password.

Keep the computer in an open area:

Keep the computer in a high-traffic area where you or your partner is usually present when your children are using the internet. The accessibility will also deter your child from doing something he/she is not allowed to do.


Technology can never replace good parenting habits. Talk with your kids about the dangers of the cyber world. Let your kids know that they can always come to you with any problems whether in the real world or the cyber world

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