October 15, 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Baby Stroller

It is obvious that babies will spend limited time in strollers & we are pretty sure you want to enjoy every bit of those moments while they last! This stage is so special to the parents as they see their baby growing up & doing some funny and mischievous acts in this very phase. Yes! You are going to need a stroller for sure, but different features of different models along with other options can be really confusing!! So, how to find the stroller that matches your requirements?? You need to take a look at a few factors before opting forward to making your special purchase.

Here we will be discussing the features of different categories & try to sort a few frequently asked questions related to baby stroller buying issues. Scroll down to know more-

Must-Have Features of A Baby Stroller

Why don’t you have a slight glimpse into the must-have features of your baby ride-

Gets Folded With One Hand

Those days are long gone when you have to pull multiple levers & handles in order to fold your stroller into the trunk. Today’s advanced strollers come with the technology that allows you to fold the total thing with a simple pull. It is a must-have feature because with the help of this attribute you can hold the baby in your one hand and fold the stroller with the other comfortably.

A Variety of Uses

Nowadays, a stroller is not just a stroller. It can be used as a shopping cart, a crib, a travel system, and a high chair. Who knows, in future, we might be having the self-driving option also. So, go for the one which has multiple purposes to serve.

Seats That Are Reversible

Previously, strollers use to have only one direction facing seats. That backward designs no longer exist. Today’s strollers are light in weight and the seats can be faced anywhere you want.


Locking on front wheels & brakes on the back is another stand out feature for a baby stroller. Unlike general strollers, the jogging stroller has 3 wheels & its diameter measures between 12-24 inches. The front wheel of this machine comes in two different styles like fixed & swivel type.

Sun Canopy / Umbrella System

This feature is designed to fit in every standard stroller seat. The fabric construction will block the sun ray and filter the glare of it. Not only that, it can also protect your kids from hazards like bad weather conditions & rain.

Storage & Parent Tray

A full sized stroller will give you the option of a storage space which can be utilized to store many important things like food box, towel, clothes, blankets etc. And a parent tray/snack tray to keep the belongings like cup of coffee, water bottles, iPhone or key ring is definitely something you want to have in your stroller.


Frame builds the structure of your stroller. Like many other available types, travel system strollers also use the four wheeled universal frame which can easily hold the car seat & releases the pressure.

Effective Modular Options

The effective modular option saves you from the expenses of buying a heavy double stroller. You can get the strollers that offer a second seat as an accessory. You may also look for strollers with different seating configurations which will allow you to fold it flat keeping the other second seat still in the position.

Unique Designs

When everything else in the world getting stylish, why would the strollers lag behind? Yes, design is a factor because it would attract your child to spend more time in it. Now, every available type of a stroller comes with a unique design.

Which Type of Stroller is Perfect For You & Why?

In this section we will briefly give you an idea about different strollers. Hope it will be helpful to find your perfect match-

Standard Stroller

These type of strollers are pretty lightweight, which makes it easy to fold & use. It is of traditional value and design that is meant to hold babies from newborn to around 4 years. It doesn’t have the whistles and bells like other strollers.

Sit and Stand Stroller

This type stroller comes with the unique feature of 1 front seat + 1 rear seat with a standing platform and it is a Double Stroller. The name implies perfectly as your little baby can sit on front seat and the older toddler can sit or stand on rear seat simultaneously while moving with this stroller. It is capable of carrying 80-100 pounds (40-50 pounds each seat).

Travel Systems Stroller

A smooth ride along with a good coverage of element is guaranteed in this travel system baby stroller.  The infant car seat is a bonus feature which will definitely save your money in big time. Traveling with sleeping baby gets easier with this stroller.

Jogging Stroller

Jogging stroller is a fantastic item for all sorts of roads. Shocks, brakes and large wheels of this stroller make it easier for the parents to push their babies safely while jogging.  It also performs well in non-jogging situations.

Double Stroller

It is designed to keep two or more children well inside. Parents with multi purposes get greatly benefited with this type. Also, it comes with jogging models, but beware, it can be harder to maneuver.

Seat Carriers / Car Seat Stroller

Seat carrier typed stroller are lightweight, very easy to use & most importantly its price lies well within the range. You can obviously pick your own seat, but the fact is that these types of strollers can only be used with a car seat.

Pram / Carriage

These classic buggies are there to give your little baby a super smooth ride with its ultra suspension springs. This stylish device features large iron wheels along with a bassinet which allows the baby to lay down while having a stroll.

FAQ’s Related To Strollers

As you check out strollers in the store, you need to ask yourself a few questions to clear out all your doubts-

1. What about the height of the handlebar?

Sometimes very short handles can create many problems while you are out for a walk. You should select handles that fit according to your gait & height. Few brands have introduced adjustable handle system in their strollers.

2. Is it steerable?

If you are worried about that steering factor, then you should go for a test-push. It will allow you to test its abilities like turning in the corners, maneuvering through narrow spaces and spinning around 180 degrees.

3. What is the weight?

The lighter, the better. If you believe in it, then you should be happy because now the strollers are available in super-lightweight (8-10 lbs). A general newborn stroller weighs around 11-16 lbs. But, the heavy-duty Prams exceed the limit of 40 lbs.

4. Can it be carried in a car seat?

It depends upon the integration mechanism of your stroller. Some system has pre-installed seat clip and others need to flatten the car seat to snap the stroller inside.

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Stroller

  • Your living atmosphere.
  • The season during which your baby angel comes into the earth.
  • The development stages of your child.
  • Your travel requirement.
  • Checking with the manufacturer recall list.
  • Overall customer reviews & ratings.
  • Location of the seller.

Now Your Turn

A gaggle of strollers on the market is definitely an overwhelming factor for parents. But, with proper research finding the right one becomes quite easier. So, consider all your options and make it a worthy purchase. If this baby stroller buying guide makes you feel interested, then feel free to have a tour on our Best Baby Strollers Reviews page.

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